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Jason with daughter Aleah

Jason with daughter Aleah

I’m a writer, designer, father, reader, teacher, blogger, and avid Cubs fan. I began writing online in 2006. I was single, fresh out of college, and eager to make some extra money. I’d racked up bill after bill, and needed a way to create some dough. Writing has always come easy to me. At an early age, I won a short story writing contest — we’re talking when I was in third grade — and from then on I believed writing would be something I would enjoy my whole life.

In the first few months of writing online I built many lasting relationships with business and individuals. All in all freelance writing has instilled in me a respect for thorough research, good communication skills, and editing powers.

I’m also a creative writer. I received a BA in Rhetoric: Creative Writing from the University of Illinois in 2004. I’ve been working on a novel and short stories in recent months, and have also been known to kick out a poem or two.

Some activities I enjoy:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Facebook
  • Site building
  • Twitter
  • Gaming
  • Traveling
  • Movies and Television (occassionally)