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Aleah has taken to being incredulous about almost everything. The other morning on our way to daycare, she hears the radio announcer say “It’s 62 degrees in Champaign-Urbana.” Her response, “SIXTY TWO DEGREES?!?! In Sure-bana?”

My little jingle girl

A few nights ago, Aleah came into the kitchen, while I was making dinner, singing “Nationwide is on your side!” I think she may have a knack for jingle singing.

Aleah’s Doing a Good Job

She’s in a stage where everything is about her abilities to do it by herself. So we are always saying “GOOD JOB” Lele!!!  When she was trying to put the blanket over her, she began to get frustrate and  irritated. I was about to helped her but she finally did it by herself. And she said GOOD JOB……LELE!!!! it was funny how she actually acknowledge herself for doing a GOOD JOB!

Aleah on being herself

Tonight I picked Lele up from daycare right after work. I walk into the classroom and she’s on the blue carpet playing with some toys with five boys playing near her. I walk over to her and the boys start telling me the super heroes they’re going to be. “I’m going to be Captain America,” one says. “I’m going to be superman,” says a blond boy with his arms stretched to the ceiling. Each of the boys chime in with their superhero of choice. Then Aleah says, “Dad, I think I’ll just be me. I like being me.” Melted my damn heart.