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I spent the afternoon debugging my server. Not a good start to the year, but at least I have the problem solved. Only took 3 hours. I want my day off back.

Moved my site to a new server. Let me know if you see any loose screws.


Top ten books of 2012 according to the Amazon editors. I really want to read Erdrich’s novel. It did win the NBA last night.


WritetoDone is currently taking nominations for best writing blogs. It’s a great place to fill up your RSS reader.


Use the snowflake method to write your novel.


I’m going to come back to this when I have time to read it: http://moreintelligentlife.com/story/david-foster-wallace-in-his-own-words. It’s a commencement address by David Foster Wallace.


I may do NanoWriMo this year. I’d need to write somewhere around 1,700 words a day.


J.K. Rowling may earn my money. Read the New Yorker interview where she talks about the new book, A Casual Vacancy. It comes out Friday.

I’m writing fiction again. For the moment I’m getting my gears wet with prompts, but I have some ideas brewing for a novel. Stay tuned. Subscribe if you want to see where this goes.