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Inputs in Firefox storing previous values

Today's problem came as a result of a Firefox anomaly. It's one of those problems that comes up after launching because we were too lax in testing. Here's how it broke down, without going into great detail about the application. We're building a CRM … [Read more]

How to Force Javascript File Updates onto Users

The question came up when working with a new application that relies heavily on Javascript, How can we force users to renew the javascript file? This is especially important for single page applications that rely heavily on Javascript for everything … [Read more]

Magento update breaks site

I helped a friend update their Magento site from version 1.9.1 to The software has a few ways to update, one using a command line utility and the other a web based service called Magento Connect. We used the latter to update and ran into a … [Read more]

The Scream

The clapboard shutters banged against the cedar planks. The wind dislodged debris from the barn that ratcheted against the house. Dan sat motionless on the couch in the living room. He muted the TV so he could listen again for the scream. This time … [Read more]

How to get a larger album cover image from iTunes API

I ran into this issue recently. I wanted a larger version than what's returned from the basic response API search. The images there are intended for mobile applications and are available at 60 wide and 100 wide. Easy to get those. What are you going … [Read more]

The Good Lord Bird – A Review

I loved this book. I've never read anything by James McBride prior to this award winner. I did mention this won the National Book Award for Fiction in 2013, right? It did. Notable book. I looked it up on Amazon after it won. One thing struck me right … [Read more]

The Road – A Taste of Hope

I went into reading The Road thinking it was a much longer book than it really turned out to be. I thought it was going to be a tome. I must have heard something about it's length on Reddit or somewhere else. Whoever said it was long was mistaken. It … [Read more]

Synesthesia as a literary device

A writing exercise book I have used for a while touched on synesthesia today. The term refers to a neurological condition where the patient has one or more sensory experiences linked in their minds. Examples might be someone feeling the color blue or … [Read more]


The truck bounced along the inward road, humming by the bare trees of the Herd’s woods north of their home. Two children, Denny and Paul, swayed in their bulky winter outfits, scarves wound round their necks, while their father jerked and guided the … [Read more]

Holiday 2012 Photos

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