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Descriptions feel rewarding at the moment

I can’t help but be amazed that of all my writing, I favor descriptions the most. I feel rewarded by seeing the world come alive. I need to work more on transitions though. While reading, I’ve been paying attention to the way writing takes shape from one thought to the next. How the author keeps pace, but makes us care about what he’s saying the whole time. I don’t want my work to be the middle-backbreaking prose that stifles many novels. I want it to sing and carry a tune throughout the whole piece.

It’s nighttime and the air is crisp. As we walk down the sidewalk, the sounds of the stoop lessen and it grows eerily quiet for an inner city block. Up ahead, an abandoned warehouse has a gleaming new gate among old stretches of chain link. Weeds have grown through the fence at odd angles, casting shadows down the length of sidewalk that move and dance with the breeze.


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