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Blog Writing and Consulting

Blogs can be used to:

  • Build traffic for an established site
  • Target specific long tail keywords relative to your industry
  • Create community for your users and subscribers
  • Increase your businesses communication and visibility

What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated part of your site that features posts related to your site content. If you owned a knitting website, you would talk about new creations, knitting techniques, and focus on helping your community understand the hobby. An ecommerce store might highlight new products, share deals, talk about the history of an individual item, and communicate site changes to the overall community.

Blogs have posts listed in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest post appears to the reader first. Often blogs will be updated daily/weekly/monthly or at some other predetermined interval.

How can a blog help your business?

Blogs are a great way to increase site traffic, work SEO magic, and pull in new customers. They help you grow a customer base, build backlinks, and capture search engine traffic for a wider range of keywords. Google loves regularly updated websites.

But all that writing takes time. That’s where I can help. Stop writing the content yourself and hire someone to manage the entire blog.

Why Choose Jason Frye Media?

We can manage your blog creation. You have more important things to worry about. So let me setup your blog, create the base foundation, write the posts, interact with the community, drive traffic and do all the nitty-gritty day-to-day work.