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Ebook Writer for Hire

Hire a professional ebook writer to create your next info product!

Ebook Writer for Hire

Jason Frye | Ebook Writer

As an ebook writer I’ve explored the complexities of CPA marketing, dove into the mechanics of e-commerce stores, and battled my way through heady Facebook guidelines to properly market products to a select audience. A polished ebook will enhance a user’s understanding of a topic, hammer home key elements, and also brand your business.

An Ebook as a Learning Tool

You may want to  sell your ebook as part of a learning package or maybe you’ll use the ebook as something to give visitors in exchange for information. I can work with you on creating a vibrant, stand-alone ebook that will deliver results for you year after year.

This Ebook Writer’s Process

Some clients ask me to put the flesh on the bones of a topic while others hand me a table of contents, diagrams, photographs, and introductory paragraphs to each section. I can work with the material you have.  I do not demand you know exactly how the ebook will look and feel, only that you know the topic.

My ebook creation service runs at competitive rates.

In exchange for your investment, you receive…

  • A thoroughly researched ebook on the topic of your choice. This is a work-for-hire project and as such you own complete copyright on the material created.
  • Any number of reasonable rewrites on content.
  • A table of content for the ebook that is easily updated.
  • Formatting in the form of page numbers, the title of the work, and your brand embedded in the footer/header of every page.
  • Free consultation prior to writing or any payment.

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Escrow services can be used upon request at the cost of the purchaser.