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Fiction Revisited

I'm writing fiction again. For the moment I'm getting my gears wet with prompts, but I have some ideas brewing for a novel. Stay tuned. Subscribe if you want to see where this goes. … [Read more]

Black Triangle

Small waves lapped against the next contestant as she bobbed in the water. The game was called "Don't shit a brick." The goal was to see who could doggy paddle the longest while holding a brick. Juvenile, sure. Was it fun? You're damn right it … [Read more]

Ebook Writer for Hire

It's official. You can hire me as an Ebook Writer through this site. I wrote several ebooks at the start of 2010. Many of them stretched beyond my advertised 8,000 words. Two of them measured more than 12,000 words. One I combined with previously … [Read more]

SEO Article Writing Service

photo credit: Christolakis I've done it -- built my site into a personal SEO article writing marketplace. It only took a few hours using the WP e-commerce plugin. I never knew it would be so simple to integrate product sales on a WordPress website. … [Read more]

How to Format an Ebook

photo credit: almoko I have a new project in the queue. I'm excited to be doing something other than simply writing articles. This project takes me deep into formatting. I've been looking around online, brushing up on standards and whatnot -- only … [Read more]

National Poetry Month

photo credit: Dustin Diaz I'm an aspiring writer. My DD comes in the form of reading profusely, especially as of late. My mind has somehow formed a knot of understanding between a head full of literature and a heart full of prose. The result will … [Read more]

Krannert Art Center Visit

Che and I decided to make the most of an otherwise boring Thursday night. We traveled to campus and walked through the Krannert Art Musuem. I'd been through before, but she hadn't. On our honeymoon in Phoenix, we visited our first art museum … [Read more]