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The American Quest

Alex's breath fogged in the cold night air. The sweatshirt he'd grabbed from the back of his chair smelled like old milk or cheese. Alex checked the pocket and pulled the lint out, throwing the tuft into the bushes. By two-ish in the morning, the … [Read more]

New Additions to the Site

I've updated the site, as you may have noticed. I'm using the Genesis Framework built with the Minimum Theme. No secret I love WordPress (sorry, Drupal). One thing I do love about Drupal is the ability to add custom content types. There's numerous … [Read more]

My New Kindle Paperwhite

I got my Kindle Paperwhite today! Coming from the second generation Kindle, this thing is really great. The touch screen is surprisingly one of the better features. I didn't realize how clunky the four way navigation was until I used the touch … [Read more]

Are you a writer?

I was reading this article on Forbes titled "Why You Shouldn't Be a Writer." The article got me thinking, and, maybe a bit defensive. You shouldn't write if you're not called to it. Do you hear the siren song? Writer's bear a burden. They must … [Read more]


The scene seemed strung up by a cosmic playwright in its banal twist of unfortunate underpinnings. For a moment, from the passenger seat of the missile-like Volvo, you could almost switch places with each of the characters in the forthcoming … [Read more]

A Filipino Story

I admit the Philippines setting hooked me to this story, but I really grew to love it by the end. I do think a few word choices could have been better than others, but the over-arching theme of the story was great. Take a … [Read more]

Descriptions feel rewarding at the moment

I can't help but be amazed that of all my writing, I favor descriptions the most. I feel rewarded by seeing the world come alive. I need to work more on transitions though. While reading, I've been paying attention to the way writing takes shape from … [Read more]

Fiction Revisited

I'm writing fiction again. For the moment I'm getting my gears wet with prompts, but I have some ideas brewing for a novel. Stay tuned. Subscribe if you want to see where this goes. … [Read more]

Black Triangle

Small waves lapped against the next contestant as she bobbed in the water. The game was called "Don't shit a brick." The goal was to see who could doggy paddle the longest while holding a brick. Juvenile, sure. Was it fun? You're damn right it … [Read more]

Ebook Writer for Hire

It's official. You can hire me as an Ebook Writer through this site. I wrote several ebooks at the start of 2010. Many of them stretched beyond my advertised 8,000 words. Two of them measured more than 12,000 words. One I combined with previously … [Read more]